Scan Dart & Smoke Grenades (Basic)

A scan dart will burrow through the first wall it touches, leaving the other side and burying itself into the next wall where it comes to a stop. It provides line-of-sight for the player, illuminating previously dark areas of the map and revealing all enemies within visual range.

It's the final piece of special equipment available. It's the stealthier option, offering a more tactical approach when compared to the loud breaching charge or the costly magnetic shield.

Basic functionality of the last grenade type, the smoke grenade, is done. Fragmentation grenades wound, Stun grenades disable, and Smoke grenades conceal. Enemies wont be able to lock onto the player through the smoke, but the player will be able to identify their foe through it. It's like portable cover, that enables the player to take out several unsuspecting foes before slinking out.

I aim to finish the smoke grenade tomorrow, and hopefully get basic melee working. Night! :)

- Rob


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