Start of the Initial Art Pass

I decided to spend this weekend creating some placeholder art to spruce up the prototype. I've found that, while it's faster to use basic blocks to map everything out, you can't get the feel of the game without placeholder art.

I had some other things to do today, so I only really focused on the player character sprite. It consists of three layers; upper body, arms, and legs. The upper body rotates as the player moves the mouse, indicating the direction the player is aiming. It's a single frame at the moment, so it's pretty easy to change the appearance of the player. The arms follow the body, but are animated with the different actions and weapons the player can use. The legs operate separately, facing the direction the player is moving rather than the direction they are facing.

Here's the rough reload animation for the pistol;

I've got to do the reload for dual wielded weapons, sub-machine guns, rifles and shotguns. At some point, I need an animation for throwing a grenade, placing a charge and firing a scan dart. Additionally, I'll need a three-punch combo animation and a roundhouse kick. I think these are animations will have to be spread out across the week, as they're time consuming.

Anyway, bedtime. More stuff to come.

- Rob


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