Teaching a potato to think - A.I Update #5

Potato Based A.I

There's a good reason why it's been 6 days since my last post. Aside from working tirelessly to get my head around the enemy code, I also almost gave up. Yeah. As an amateur, completely self-taught programmer, my range is pretty short. I'm an artist at heart, so I don't like diving any deeper than fairly basic programming, once it gets too mathematical I lose interest. As you can imagine, A.I really stretched me thin.

So here's update #5 on the A.I -- it's pretty dumb. I've accepted that, for now, the enemies aren't going to be smart. It's just outside my current skill ceiling. It's something I can come back to and develop, but for now I'm moving on to keep the ball moving.

At the moment, the enemy will fire at a visible player, and chase them if they lose sight. If they lose the player completely, they find the nearest room and stand watch. They change their facing fairly regularly, as if they're keeping an eye out for anything unusual. They won't notice the player if they're out of their peripheral vision.

I intend to get patrolling back working, put melee attacks in and reacting to sound -- but that'll be it for now.

A.I nearly killed the project, but it's functional. It's nothing noteworthy, but it's going to give you a fight.

The Story

One other thing I have been working on is the story! I had some lose ideas but I've strung together the beginnings of a tale. I'm not saying much at the moment, but it involves a character who is cursed with precognition -- doomed to see the future that awaits us.

If you were visited by dreams of the not-too-distant future, how would you cope? Would you bottle it up, and hope it never happens? Or would you give up your life in an attempt to change it for the better?

Our protagonist has made a choice -- this future must be subverted, and he'll do whatever it takes to prevent our downfall..


See what I did there?

That was awful. I'll just get my coat..

Yeah the title is a bit off-centre now, but I'll sleep on it.

- Rob


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