Throwing Weapons, and Weapon Pickups

I can't really think of a good image to use here, so I'm just going to show some of the world pickup icons. I started working on throwable weapons yesterday, in between working on placeholder art to jazz up the current build. I finished up work on throwing weapons this afternoon, hooray!

In a nutshell, you can throw your current weapon whenever you feel like it. Dependant on what kind of weapon it is, it'll either go far or.. not so far. For example, you can throw a handgun pretty far and pretty hard, but a rifle wont fly so pretty. A combat knife will fly beautifully, though, and is pretty lethal.

If a thrown weapon is going over a certain speed, it'll take out the guy it hits. I know, I know, throwing a pistol at a guy might not kill him, but I'm in charge here. Aside from the fact you've just lobbed your weapon, there's also the risk that you're a hair too far away to do lethal damage. Throw your shotgun at too great a distance and it'll just slide along the floor, leaving you in a world of hurt.

You can retrieve thrown weapons -- knives will stick in enemies and walls rather than bouncing. You'll be able to pick up enemy weapons in a similar fashion, but that'll come into play when I work on improving the enemy A.I and general set-up.

I need to finish off the smoke grenade now, but my next task is melee combat.

The next update should be pretty interesting!

- Rob


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