Last post I mentioned I was working on patrolling, melee and civilian A.I. Well, I've done.. one and a half of those things. I've had a busy week and I've been pretty exhausted, as you can imagine that has had a big effect on my output. I'm still chugging along though, so here are some things for your brain.

Enemies are pretty docile until they notice something off; a dead body, a player holding a weapon, or a gunshot nearby. Once alerted (they chatter, so they alert each other) they'll jitter more, and shoot on sight.

There are melee and ranged enemies, the biggest new thing here being that melee enemies will try and get close to you and hit you with sharp objects. At the moment they don't attack, but that's just one script I've got to write.

Civilians are pretty chill until they hear a gunshot, see a body, or see you running at them with a loaded shotgun. They bail for the nearest exit when they get scared. Unlike guards, they don't have a hive mind, and won't know to run if the guy the next room over is running. Of course, gunshots travel, so they'll clear out in a good radius. Silenced weapons don't startle them, so be wary of rooms of civilians when you're infiltrating.

Wow, I make it sound much more intricate than it is. Oh well, that's the word on the street!

I'm currently thinking through an alternative to patrol paths - a node system that allows characters to basically roam the map pretty freely. I'll use this when the enemies are alerted, so they search for you. It'll also be used by the civilians, who'll have a separate network, for them to explore the map (but stay out of secret or restricted areas).

I may try and get patrol paths working too, who knows.

Anyway, I'm going to recharge for a bit.


- Rob


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