Mission Objectives, and miscellaneous updates

It's such a small thing, but it makes such a big difference in play testing. This text pops up when the objective for the level is completed, letting you know you've made it. Objectives are now set-up for Assassination and Elimination -- hunting a certain target, and floor clearing respectively. 

I'm about to start working on the other two mission types -- Raid and Retrieval. Raid asks you to cause as much property damage as possible, while Retrieval tasks you with grabbing an important item and getting out in one piece.

After these, reinforcements really are my number one priority.


- Created a new enemy type; the VIP (Target).
- Holding the grenade key will determine how far the grenade is thrown.
- The noise from a breaching charge detonation now attracts enemies.
- Game now tracks stats for kills, damage taken, shots fired, accuracy ect. for post-mission assessment.

I've noticed that I've been updating the blog less frequently, and honestly, it's just because I'm busy. I've noticed a lot of what I do at the moment is bug fixing, fixing broken features and tweaking existing ones. All of the easy features are done, just leaving difficult stuff like A.I. So updates will continue to be slow for a while.

Anyway, more stuff on the way, as usual! Just wanted to keep the blog updated. Night!

- Rob


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