Enemy Roaming, and Reinforcements

When the alarm has been raised, enemy reinforcements will start to arrive. They'll arrive in waves, via the nearest spawn point to the player. At the moment, they simply spawn and move either to idle or to roam. However, my next step is to flesh out this feature, so the enemy first moves to the alarm location before switching to default mode. Also, enemies will spawn in groups depending on the threat level, with appropriate equipment.

Enemies will now roam, if told to. This functions almost identically to civilian movement right now, but it will we slightly different. Hostiles will have their own "roam" nodes, which cover important areas to search. When an alarm is raised, all enemies that are aware will switch to this search/roam mode, to try and find the threat. This is after reacting to any sound/sight that they noticed.

So, productive evening overall. The basics of two tasks are done, they just need to be expanded upon.

All that remains for the enemies is some tidying up and fixing. Off the top of my head;

- React to Frag Grenade sound
- Briefly disabled by Stun Grenades
- Unable to make visual contact through smoke grenades
- React to being shot
- Melee Stun, and Melee knock-back
- 'Finisher' melee kick and hit (i.e, if at a certain health percent, it kills them and flings them back)
- Equipment coding (this is more for me, but it's also to facilitate different enemy types)

Bear in mind that five of these seven are fairly easy and most likely completable in a sitting. Not that long a list overall!

Right now, I'm trying to build a demo level, sort of like a vertical slice of the finished game. It'll be a playable 'Assassination' mission, a medium sized map, with a target to assassinate and multiple entry points. You'll be able to trigger map events, like fire alarms and building lockdowns, to draw out enemies or lock out reinforcements briefly. CCTV security rooms offer line-of-sight, and armouries provide heavier artillery. It'll have actual art, and sound effects.

My aim is to have something I can give to people to play and really get excited about the project.


I work a really shitty desk job to survive, and I'd much rather make Downfall, Inc instead. If possible I'd love to do a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign to raise a bit of money, so I can quit my job and work full time on the game. Ideally, if I raise enough to keep me fed and keep a roof over my head, I can release the game for free at the end of production. I'm not sure how it'll go down, if I'm honest, but it's my hope that the demo level will give people something to play and hopefully they'll want to see more.

Anyway, enough dreaming. Night lovely people.

- Rob


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