I'm back! If I'm honest I got back a week ago, but Wasteland 2 came out, and between that and work I've been pooped. Time to get back on the horse! Starting tonight onwards, I'm back on Downfall, Inc.

I shook up the game feel a little tonight with an experiment. Holding the right mouse button draws the current weapon, slowing the character to a walk as he aims, but allowing you to shoot. Letting go lowers the weapon, which increases your move speed but stops you from firing. It actually has a pretty decent effect on the game, forcing you to decide between fight or flight more seriously. While aiming you're easier to hit, as you can imagine.

You may be wondering why I tried this. Well, at the moment, pistols have little strategic value. Automatics and shotguns deal more damage, faster. Now, pistols have on major advantage -- mobility. A pistol barely slows you down whilst aiming, whereas an assault rifle slows you to a walk. The heavier the gun, the less mobile you are.

I'm hoping it creates a bit of an interesting choice for the player.

Anyway, I need to draft up a complete list of stuff that needs to be done. Tomorrow may just be a day of figuring out what to do next, I get confused easily haha.

Anyway, the downfall continues!

God that was bad. Sorry.

- Rob


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