Kick, and Grab

So hey, I managed to sort out the basics for two kinds of finishing moves today.

There's a set chance of an enemy being knocked down instead of being flat-out killed when they've taken critical damage. At this point, you can either kick them or pick them up. Kicking sends them flying a fair amount away, potentially into a wall to be lodged into. Picking them up, currently, enables you to move them about before throwing them forward.

I've had some ideas, I'm thinking of letting the player use the picked-up enemy as a human shield. Think Gears of War 2. It's a potential mechanic that shouldn't be too hard to implement. I'm tempted, also, to allow the player to throw the enemy with an attached grenade, again, ala Gears of War 3. Part of me feels this is too derivative and too far from the theme.. part of me just wants to code it.

So, yeah, more features! Probably implement the above mechanics tomorrow, or just bug fix. Anyhow, off for a bit of R&R now, video games and some Netflix.

Night noodles.

- Rob


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