Tonight I've been working on stun lock for enemies. Damage freezes enemies for a set period of time, melee more than ranged. During this time the enemy can't move, fire or turn. They'll display a damage animation when I do the art pass. This enables melee focused players to get in on an enemy and finish them off, and allows a ranged focused player to take on groups of enemies without being swamped.

I think.

Anyway it's a feature, one I've been meaning to implement. I'm going to polish it up tomorrow, but after that I'm going to work on melee knockback and kicking.

These are features that have been broken by the AI rebuild, so I'm retreading old ground. Still, progress.

I've also been thinking hard about the theme of the game, and made some ground there. No notes for now, haven't settled on anything solid yet.


- Rob


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