Art, Art, Art!

Hot off the press! I've been doing some art for the main character today, working from a concept I sketched up a few weeks back. I haven't scanned it in so I can't show it here, I have my sketchbook next to me when I work though.

I've create the basic standing posture, the aimed pistol sprite, and the reload for the pistol. Additionally, I've spruced up the code in the game, to include the following;

- Weapon isn't "reloaded" until the last frame plays
- You can't shoot while reloading animation is playing 
- You can't lower your weapon while the animation is playing
- You can't reload whilst your weapon is holstered

I know you're probably wondering why it was even possible to shoot whilst reloading in the first place, but bear with me. Those were byproducts of unpolished code, that are fixed now.

Oh! And for a side-by-side comparison, here's old-vs-new character art;

I've been working since I got home, so I need to eat and then relax. I'm burnt out! Later bro-bots! 

- Rob


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