Progress! January '15 update

Progress has been slow the past couple of months, for many reasons. In a nutshell, adult life is hard yo'. I spend most of the week sat at a desk slowly melting into oblivion, and every day I have free I spend with my lady. Doesn't leave much time to work on the game! Evenings after work are spent either nursing my six year Fallout addiction, mingling with my fantastically nerdy housemates or trying not to think about the next day of work.

Fuck! Less of that. Onto the game.

Tonight I blasted through the art for the demo level, "District". It's not the first level, but it's the first feature complete level, hence why I chose it to be the first I made. 

It's a standard assassination mission. In "District", you have to eliminate one target and exit, before you're overwhelmed. Here's the base level art (minus objects, such as furniture, debris and items);

And some in-game screenies. I've managed to restore the line-of-sight function and optimise it so it's not a massive framerate killer. 

I'm extremely excited to continue work on the level tomorrow. Goodnight, I'll be back!

- Rob


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