Saturday update!

Aim & Reload Animations
Aside from the knife, I've done the aim and reload animations for all the other standard weapons. Specialist weapons, such as the sawed-off, will need their own, but for now there's a standard aim and reload for:

   - Single Handgun
   - Dual Handguns
   - Sub-machine Gun
   - Assault Rifle (bullpup / rear reload)
   - Shotgun (Pump-action reload)

Pump-Action Logic
After each shot, a animation is played to mimic the standard action of the pump-action shotgun. In other words, fire a shot, and the character pumps the shotgun to load in the next shell. Additionally, when you reload you reload one shell at a time, rather than a complete reload with standard weapons.

I've stuck in plenty of gunshot sounds for when weapons are fired, at the moment there are unique sounds for the pistol, sub-machine gun, assault rifle and shotgun. Additionally, for pump-action weapons like the pump-action shotgun, there is a special sound after each shot to mimic the manual pump required to eject the spend shell and load in the next. Reload sounds are in too, for now just a generic magazine replacement sound, but for the pump-action shotgun there's a special sound for each shell being loaded in.

Shell Casings
When you fire a weapon, a little shell casing is ejected, for most weapons it's a brass casing and for shotguns it's a shell casing. These casings fade quickly once created, maybe lasting a second or so. They're just a visual flair.

- Rob


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