Aim assist, and bug fixing

I've been busy since my last update, literally from the next day to now, and I'll be busy all up until next Monday now. Potentially, come next Monday, I could be even busier. Adult life huh! But here's a small one I managed to squeeze in.

First of all, Downfall, Inc. supports basic gamepad functionality, namely the Xbox 360 controller. It's not native yet, but through a program like Joy2Key or Xpadder it's possible. I've managed to play the demo build using it, it works just fine.

To support this, I've added in a feature akin to aim assist, or lock-on. This will be toggleable and scaleable from the options, so players can opt in or out at will.

In a nutshell, when your crosshair passes over a enemy, it will "stick" to them. Pulling away breaks off the lock. Depending on how strong it's set, you have to maintain aim to keep locked on.

Some may consider it a handicap or a crutch or whatever, but I'm aiming for maximum choice here so I want players using a controller, or those who don't enjoy twitch aiming, to still be able to enjoy the game.

- Rob


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