Changelog 10-2-15

Pickup Prompt
When you're stood over a pickup, there's a text prompt at the bottom of the screen to let you know which key picks up the weapon. It also lets you know you're over an item, if you didn't notice.

Pump-Action Shotgun - reload until full
The pump-action shotgun reloads one shell at a time, and previously it only loaded a shell per key press. Now that action loops until it's full, meaning you only press 'R' once and wait for the guy to load in all the shells.

Creating noise to mask gunshots
The code for this feature is now complete and present -- you can trigger or destroy objects on the map to create background noise (for the sake of your eardrums, this noise isn't played, for example a looping alarm or generator) which reduces the range at which enemies can hear your shots.

Scanner Satellite
Take out the on-site satellite scrambler and your operator can pinpoint enemy locations to you remotely. Disable/destroy the jammer on map to enable this beneficial ability.

Trigger an alarm, and reinforcements come. Set on a timer, with a "ticket" system and a maximum enemy count, enemies will come in waves to try and take you out while you escape.

That's all for tonight.. I need to eat. Chao!

- Rob


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