Dual Wield (Update)

I had decided from an early point in development that I wanted the player to be able to equip a pair of pistols, for several reasons. It looks cool, and it gives pistols a seat at the table with big hitters like shotguns. Two pistols can cause a lot of damage, fast.

However, implementing this posed a problem.

In a game like TimeSplitters, there are separate weapons for a single pistol and a pair. The pair function effectively as one weapon, with their own ammo reserve. However, Halo 2 allowed any one-handed weapon to be wielded off-hand, firing independently and having it's own individual ammo supply. 

I knew that following Halo 2 would require an overhaul, so I opted for a middle ground. Until today, I followed the TimeSplitters route. Today, I implemented a rudimentary dual wield system.

So, you have a pistol. You take down an enemy, he drops his. You pick up this pistol, turning your one into two. You decide you don't want a second one, so you throw your weapon. You throw one pistol, reverting your current weapon to a single pistol. The pistol you just threw can be picked up to repeat the process.

I'm currently working on pickup ammo, so a thrown pistol remembers how much ammo it has. You get the idea.

Surprisingly, this was a pain in the arse. But another feature complete! Ole! 

- Rob


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