An update on the.. update? AI

I just wanted to quickly check in and update the blog on the current rebuild of the enemy behaviour (or, if we must, AI - although it's not nearly that clever).

In an idle state, an enemy will jitter or roam around. Once alerted, they will search the map for the player. If they spot the player, they will aim and fire, reloading when empty. If the player leaves their sight, they will chase after, to try and regain visual. If they can't, they go back to roaming.

If they hear a gunshot or a similar startling sound, they will turn to look at it, then investigate. Similarly, if a projectile goes past them, they will turn to look, but they wont investigate the source.

And lastly, stun-lock is in so they can be stunned by damage or a stun grenade, temporarily incapacitating them.

Basically, the enemy behaviour is almost reassembled bar a few features. It's coming along nicely!

- Rob


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