April Update

These past two months have been a bit of a blur for me, I've moved job and house and relocated away from where I used to live. It's been hard adjusting but I'm slowly getting there. I've had neither the time or energy to do anything meaningful on the game since I started. I upgraded the software I use to make it, and now all the duct tape is peeling off. In short, the game hasn't transitioned well.

Rather than be disheartened or upset I've taken it as a cue to do some spring cleaning on the game, namely neatening up the code and making it more open. I'm currently taking it apart and reassembling it in the new system, which is actually going fairly well.

I've started with the NPC behaviours (bit too 'dumb' to be called AI, if you ask me) as that is the most complex and difficult part of the game for me. It's progressing well, I'm just adding in the more complex functions like searching for the player and reacting to noises. Once this is done, it will be a smooth ride getting the game back together in this new system.

In terms of changes along the way, there are a few, but I'll detail them as I go along. The name might change, as it is a relic of the very early days where the game had a stronger Syndicate/Blade Runner vibe as opposed to the Equilibrium/Matrix vibe it follows closer now.

Right, I'm gonna jump back into it. I'm hoping I'll update this blog more but I know what I'm like, I tend to forget to update it when I'm busy.

Final note; shit, it's closing in on a year since I started this. Wow!

- Rob


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