Complete failure, followed by success

Well, I certainly had an eventful weekend.

Let me provide a little context. I have been making the game, up until this point, using Game Maker 8. I recently upgraded to Studio, but this version is different in many ways. It brings a lot of new and very useful features, so an upgrade seemed beneficial. And, it could import old files. Seemed like a win-win.

Because Studio operates in project folders, I opted to prototype the new revised AI using GM8 as it was faster to iterate. Unfortunately, when I imported the prototype into Studio, it broke. As in, inexplicably. In the end, I scrapped it and started again.. again. This was disheartening to say the least.

However, since around 7pm I've been working tirelessly to rebuild it in Studio, and I have succeeded. A positive to this is that - in building it three times now - I've ended up with a smoother version. I've been stress testing it and I've struggled to find any twitches or bugs.

It's been a set-back, but now the core of the A.I is actually done. I only have to put the ranged/melee attack in and it's all done. I'll do this tomorrow.

Essentially I've lost a week, but it's all done now and I'm going to move onto the rest of the game soon. From here onwards, it should be smoother sailing.

Silver lining and all that. Night!


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