Downfall, Inc -- State of the Game, 2015

What is "Downfall, Inc"?

Downfall, Inc is a 2D, single-player, tactical top-down shooter. Centred around a series of escalating raids against political targets, the player and his wingman must fight in close-quarters against enemies armed in salvaged or stolen ex-military gear. 

Story (In Brief)

Imagine a distorted version of our future, where the insane wealth of the global corporate bodies affords them more influence and power than the failing governments of the world. Between corruption and massive debt, public support for the state falters. As it fades, national services are privatised to stem the debt, and the corporate entities begin to carry the burden of healthcare, law enforcement and education. Much like political parties, different corporate bodies have more influence in different regions.

Decades after it's withdrawal, the state has resurfaced. An internal powershift has led to a far more fanatical and vicious government determined to take back everything that was lost by the previous, weak institution. In Downfall, Inc, you play as a member of the shadowy "OSS" - the Office of Secret Services. Specifically, a "Operator" -- a political assassin. The OSS is spearheading the advance, tasked with eliminating key players ahead of the impending resurgence. 


Focused on close-quarters fights; tactical manoeuvres and a heavy dose of suspense - the game forces the player to think one step ahead, but remain flexible. Enemy positions are ever changing, locations are unknown, and a mistake can cost you the mission.

Alongside that standard string of weapons obtainable from downed enemies and armouries are specialised OSS gear, like the Silenced Pistol, Silenced SMG and combat knife. These allow the player to eliminate opponents quietly, and retain the element of surprise.

Tactical equipment, such as the breaching charge, allow the player to gain the upper hand. Breaching into a room kills nearby enemies and stuns those further away. Stun grenades incapacitate enemies in a radius, and the magnetic field neutralises incoming rounds. 

The player is accompanied by a fellow OSS agent, who can (and should) be utilised to flank and ambush enemies. Be careful, though, this agent - like you - is not invincible. 

Completion State

Unfortunately, due to the rebuild, the game is a little further behind than before. However, alongside the rebuilt game there are new features and polished returning features. Firstly, the companion. In addition, I have been working on smoother enemy AI, and death animations. Doors are now in implemented, and soon breaching will be. 

I'm working towards a build where characters (and general gameplay) will be polished and presentable. After this, I will work up to a demo level. 

Anyway, back to stuff. Another update soon! 

- Rob


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