May Update #3

Partner Character

First of all, the partner character now reloads if under half clip when told to wait. So, before a big firefight, it's advisable to tell your follower to wait to allow them to reload if necessary, and then follow again once they're ready. I'm looking into a more elegant key for this, but I don't want there to be too many keys tying up the game.

There's a dedicated follow/wait key, as well as a move key. These allow you to direct the follower around. There's also a "Face Direction" key, which lets you point them in a certain direction in order to prevent you getting ambushed and the like.


A small one here, there's a dedicated weapon slot for the knife now. So you'll always have it. Unless you throw it, of course.

Death Animations

I've made some rudimentary animations for the deaths of characters, they need work but it has more of an impact compared to just straight from standing to dead when shot.

Faction-based Missions 

An idea I've been noodling on is faction based missions. The first faction is still the same as it's been for a while - the OSS. They start with silenced weapons and are a more stealth orientated faction. Opposing them are the Privateers, who start with compact rifles and focus on assault and ambush tactics. Each faction has it's own unique gear, which leads me onto my next point..

Breach Charge

The breaching charge is now the Privateer's unique feature, and functions in the exact same way as before. It's been rebuilt from scratch but functions the same. Place on a door, then breach to kill anyone directly in front of the door, and stun those around it.

Keyhole Drone

The OSS, in contrast, are given this small piece of equipment. It's a stealthy, compact, almost undetectable flying camera drone that can pass under doors and through keyholes. It allows the player to spot enemies around corners and in distant rooms. The same key used to deploy it can be used to recall it.

Back to work on the game!
- Rob


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