September yo'

Kept you waiting, huh?

Yeah I'm making a habit out of this. Best laid plans and all that. Problem is, I spend a lot of the time tweaking at the moment, and it doesn't feel worthy of a post. However, here are two of the big things I've done;

The HVT (high value target) is coded, and in-game. Here you can see them in-game, when you aim at them they surrender and you subsequently capture them and escort them off-site. You can't give them commands, they have to follow either you or your partner. I've done this purely because a frightened prisoner would run off given the chance. They follow your partner so you can take point, telling your partner to wait means the target waits too. If your partner dies, the target follows you.

There's a simple menu in place, which will shortly be properly designed and revamped. Huzzah! It's all coming together. I'm slowly piecing together the first level, and the frontend, bit by bit. So excited!

Right, back to business.

- Rob


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