A.I Commands -- Expanded

Over the past few days I've expanded the friendly A.I with the following commands;

Delayed/Complex Move Order
Instead of pressing space to issue a standard move order, you can press control + space to queue up an advanced move order. LMB adds a move point, RMB removes the last point you added. MMB cancels it all. Once you've drawn a path, you hit space to order your partner to move.

Room Entry 
This is one I've been wanting to do for a while and pretty much scrapped thinking it'd be too glitchy. But it works! You can order your partner to "stack up" on a door, and once in position he can be told to open and move it. Currently, there are two orders;

OPEN AND ENTER -- what it says, get into position around the side of the door, and then on command open it and go in, shooting anyone they see.

OPEN, FLASH AND ENTER -- this is straight up Rainbow Six, and I'm chuffed. He'll open the door, throw in a stun grenade, and once it's detonated head on in and clear it.

Only a short one as I'm currently bug fixing like crazy!

- Rob


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