Here we go!

First thing; the name, AGGRESSOR, it's locked in now. I'm sure I talked about this before, but just to repeat myself; "Downfall, Inc" was a working title that just stuck around. As the theme and tone of the game changed, it became less relevant. You were no longer a shady agent, working to bring about the "downfall" of a rival company. It was no longer Syndicate.

I haven't touched the URL as a few people have previously asked for a link, and I don't want to ruin any bookmarks.

Second thing; as of yesterday, I've started working on the game again. At the moment, it's only an hour or two in the evening, with weekends. Other work is currently my priority, still.

Most of the changes I have in mind involve the missions and the mission structure, which isn't a problem as I hadn't really locked in a mission structure and only had temporary missions.

I've been implementing the few new gameplay features planned these past nights, and they're mostly in. They just need art, which I'll work on at the weekend.

So, new stuff. Depending on the mission, there'll be civilians around, who run scared at the sight of a dead body or the sound of gunfire. You can shoot and kill them, but yeah, don't do that please.

Enemies now have a new attribute, "will". Every time a comrade dies in front of them, they take a hit to will. When it hits zero, they break, drop their weapon, and surrender. You can still shoot them, of course, but arresting them will net you a tastly little rating bonus.

Aside from that, just had a flick through the game as it'd been a while since I launched it. Still really happy with it, I know it's nothing special in the grand scheme of things.. but it's mine. I made it, I built it up from nothing. Getting sentimental now, haha.

Right! Let's get this bastard done.

Night all.

- Rob


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