New Character Designs

Working on art for the enemies currently, extra animations as they know surrender if they've seen too many allies killed and other such scenarios. Here are some of my sketches, from before I went into doing the actual in-game art.

First one is some exploration; keeping them looking civilian. Didn't want to do a "paramilitary" or "tacticool" look for them, or go down stereotypical "terrorist" designs.

Decided on the red shirt, "bodyguard" look, as these guys would be around and looking after a high value target. Also decided to keep two of the other designs, for regional variations. One is a bike messenger type look, for more urban/public areas. The other is a more rough'n'ready military look, for safehouses and underground headquarters. Where they don't have to blend in so much.

Anyway, talk more about the character art soon.

- Rob


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