Working on bringing in the handful of tweaked/new features and getting the core gameplay finished before moving on to the missions.

Civilians are in, so is the surrender state for enemies. Both function in a similar way, they hold their hands up when faced with the player, and run away when the player is gone for a while. Civilians will run as soon as possible but I intend to keep enemies in one place for a good 30 seconds, purely so the player can deal with all hostile enemies and secure the area before having to focus on surrendered enemies.

Locked doors are also sort-of in place, you can kick down a locked door and blow it off the hinges with a shotgun blast, but there's an item I'm working on which lets you get through a locked door silently and quickly. Locked doors will basically block "quiet" routes, alternate routes that bypass groups of enemies but for obvious reasons are a tactical choice.

Lockpick needs work and there's come civilian stuff to fix, but it's a start.

More to come! -Rob


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