Moveset Expansion (and controller support!)

I've added two new moves to the player's set. The first is a dash, which lets you dart away from danger or tackle an enemy. After the dash, you temporarily slow for a moment. The idea being, the dash should be deliberate, and not quickly clearing distance. You dash away from gunfire, or into an enemy, or close enough for a melee attack. You don't dash three times in a row, for example.

The second is magazine tossing. When you reload, you throw your magazine forward. The magazine can hit enemies and briefly stun them, enough to buy you a window to reload and then finish them off. Obviously, you don't get a magazine with shotguns or other invidually loaded weapons.

I've also coded in checks for when a controller is plugged in, or unplugged, to enable/disable controller support. I'm testing with an X1 controller and will have to rely on others to test PS4/PS3/X360 controllers, but hopefully there are no problems.

All of the actions and controls are set to variables, so you can rebind them easily. Currently, due to the way GMS does things, you can't rebind say shoot to a keyboard key rather than a mouse button, but I don't think anyone will resent not being able to use say "S" for shooting since you aim by pointing the mouse!

- Rob


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