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Refreshed, reloaded -- buffing Downfall Inc

About two weeks ago, I finished a rough version of a demo for Downfall, Inc , after a few restless nights. Honestly, I felt deflated. I didn't feel good about the project, so I let it be for a few weeks. I worked on some other ideas for a short while, but as always, I came back. It always does me good to take a break when I lose motivation, I come back ready to go. After playing the demo, I felt like the game was a little soulless. Something was missing. I started to look back at the very original concept, and it's heavier focus on infiltration. Which let me to a crossroads. I could either focus on combat, or stealth. Combat would inevitably draw comparisons to Hotline Miami. I doubt people would believe me if I told them Downfall, Inc was inspired by my love of Rainbow Six 's Terrorist Hunt mode, Hitman , and Syndicate.  It started life as a tech demo, I wanted to challenge myself to create a basic enemy A.I and top-down seemed like the easiest perspective to work wi