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First of 2016

I've been posting all of my updates to a private group of friends recently, getting direct feedback on ideas and implementations. It's been a lot more helpful and constructive than, let's be honest, this blog/diary. I'm talking to myself here, and I know it. However, I've decided to update the blog, just so I've got a running diary I can look back at. So what's changed? Well, a lot's been done since my last post. Let's run backwards. These past few days I've been building a few training missions. These are entirely optional and easily bypassed, you can just select the first actual mission from the menu without even looking at these. People don't like hand-holding so much in games, and most people skip tutorials whenever they can. So I opted to make them entirely optional, in the hope that when players get stuck or confused they can flick back to the basic training and figure it out from there. The basic training mission takes less than a