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A productive day!

As discussed in the last post, I'm toying with the name "Aggressor" (I noticed the misspelling below, due to fix!) and as such have rebuilt the menus with that in mind; I've also reworked the pause menu to be mouse controlled, in keeping with the main menu. Score screen! You're given a rank now based on three scores; Aggression, Efficiency and Co-Ordination. You're scored on things like accuracy, combo kills with the wingman, kills through walls ect ect Perhaps what I'm most proud of right now is a tool I've built to speed up level creation. I'm using a 3rd party light script very kindly donated by a talented coder (I've mentioned them before and linked, sorry I don't have the link to hand!) and it doesn't preview in the standard editor, meaning up until this point lighting has been entirely trial and error!  Now, I can place and edit lights in real time, and "bake" the results into a text file which is for


I think what I'm going to do from here on in is to copy any updates posted to my development group on here. That group basically became this blog, hence the lack of updates. However, the group isn't public.. Here's the latest on the project; A brief update. "Downfall, Inc" has been the working title since the beginning, where it originally matched the game's initial "corporate hitman" theme. The game has changed a lot since then, you're dystopian police not hitmen, so the name really doesn't fit. I want to give the game it's own name, now it's taken shape. "Aggressor" is my favourite so far. It's short, punchy, and fits the brutality of the outfit. In terms of content, I've got enough for a demo with maybe two levels, but there's still some important stuff missing, mainly menus need fleshing out. As far as I'm concerned, if I play the demo and think "this is off, and this is off" it's not

Getting there

It's been a little while, apologies for that. I've been focusing on other things so progress has been slow. I've nearly finished building the levels for the demo; two missions -- Terminal and Bullet Ride. They have art, and are lit, and have working code. I'm just working on atmospheric stuff, so particles and some bodies and such. I'm about to spruce up the character art also, and work on the hit feedback for enemies. They need to be more enjoyable to shoot, since they're the main focus. Fun bit of trivia, I almost destroyed the project today. Deleted a file with a bunch of references still in the code! Almost wouldn't load anymore. Managed to get around it. Lesson learned -- don't delete stuff until you're 100% sure it's not used by anything. - Rob

A.I Commands -- Expanded

Over the past few days I've expanded the friendly A.I with the following commands; Delayed/Complex Move Order Instead of pressing space to issue a standard move order, you can press control + space to queue up an advanced move order. LMB adds a move point, RMB removes the last point you added. MMB cancels it all. Once you've drawn a path, you hit space  to order your partner to move. Room Entry  This is one I've been wanting to do for a while and pretty much scrapped thinking it'd be too glitchy. But it works! You can order your partner to "stack up" on a door, and once in position he can be told to open and move it. Currently, there are two orders; OPEN AND ENTER -- what it says, get into position around the side of the door, and then on command open it and go in, shooting anyone they see. OPEN, FLASH AND ENTER -- this is straight up Rainbow Six, and I'm chuffed. He'll open the door, throw in a stun grenade, and once it's detonated head