A productive day!

As discussed in the last post, I'm toying with the name "Aggressor" (I noticed the misspelling below, due to fix!) and as such have rebuilt the menus with that in mind;

I've also reworked the pause menu to be mouse controlled, in keeping with the main menu.

Score screen! You're given a rank now based on three scores; Aggression, Efficiency and Co-Ordination. You're scored on things like accuracy, combo kills with the wingman, kills through walls ect ect

Perhaps what I'm most proud of right now is a tool I've built to speed up level creation. I'm using a 3rd party light script very kindly donated by a talented coder (I've mentioned them before and linked, sorry I don't have the link to hand!) and it doesn't preview in the standard editor, meaning up until this point lighting has been entirely trial and error! 

Now, I can place and edit lights in real time, and "bake" the results into a text file which is formatted as a script. That script goes straight into the editor, and the lights are placed as they were in-game! No more fussing about, no more guesswork! It's not elegant but I'm immensely proud. I'm an amateur programmer at the very best, so for me this is a feat! 

Night :-)


  1. Hey, think you could share the script you used to bake the lights? I use the same engine (here's the link btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db-o7lMhuN8&t=0s) and I would be grateful.

    1. Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I've been doing some other stuff the past few weeks (3D modelling mainly) so haven't been doing any game work. I'll try and share as much as I can, I'm not sure how easy it'll be to pass along as I've been meddling with the base script for a while now!

      It'll be easier for me to put together a little GMK file you can copy/paste from, what elements do you want from it? The whole lot? ATM I can place a light, delete it, move it, resize it, dim/brighten it and change it's colour. I can include that stuff if you want. Lemme know, I'll be working on the game tomorrow (Friday) so I can spare an hour to put something together for you.

    2. Hey Rob, the whole lot would be awesome! I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier but I don't get notifications here so I checked the page manually every few days. Maybe we can use email as contact? Since I can't edit comments, I'll be leaving my email in a reply to this comment so I can delete it when you sent a message (no need to show the public). Thanks for replying!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Sorry, I've been super distracted by a 3D project, it's in the final stages so I'm just trying to get everything finalised and I have a one-track mind :P I'll put something tomorrow, pinky promise. I've got your email address in my inbox so I'll mail it to you direct.


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