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Saturday Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from today's work on the game, first some ingame shots showing shell casings in action and new enemy art.  And here are some of the new enemy sprites, based off animations from the player sprite.

Saturday update!

Aim & Reload Animations Aside from the knife, I've done the aim and reload animations for all the other standard weapons. Specialist weapons, such as the sawed-off, will need their own, but for now there's a standard aim and reload for:    - Single Handgun    - Dual Handguns    - Sub-machine Gun    - Assault Rifle (bullpup / rear reload)    - Shotgun (Pump-action reload) Pump-Action Logic After each shot, a animation is played to mimic the standard action of the pump-action shotgun. In other words, fire a shot, and the character pumps the shotgun to load in the next shell. Additionally, when you reload you reload one shell at a time, rather than a complete reload with standard weapons. Sound I've stuck in plenty of gunshot sounds for when weapons are fired, at the moment there are unique sounds for the pistol, sub-machine gun, assault rifle and shotgun. Additionally, for pump-action weapons like the pump-action shotgun, there is a special sound after each s

Art, Art, Art!

Hot off the press! I've been doing some art for the main character today, working from a concept I sketched up a few weeks back. I haven't scanned it in so I can't show it here, I have my sketchbook next to me when I work though. I've create the basic standing posture, the aimed pistol sprite, and the reload for the pistol. Additionally, I've spruced up the code in the game, to include the following; - Weapon isn't "reloaded" until the last frame plays - You can't shoot while reloading animation is playing  - You can't lower your weapon while the animation is playing - You can't reload whilst your weapon is holstered I know you're probably wondering why it was even possible to shoot whilst reloading in the first place, but bear with me. Those were byproducts of unpolished code, that are fixed now. Oh! And for a side-by-side comparison, here's old-vs-new character art; I've been working since I g

Some Level Props

I've been making a few props to go in the demo level today. I'm still figuring out what I need to fill out the level, but basic tables and flipped tables is a good start to break up some space. Had to alter some of my collision objects so the tables could block movement but not vision / gunfire. Flipped tables, however, block as standard, so you can't see or shoot through them (I realise tables aren't bulletproof but baby steps, that's something I'll add in later) I'm quite happy with how this demo level is shaping up, I can't wait to redo the characters soon so they match this revamped graphical quality. I may do that tomorrow! - Rob

Progress! January '15 update

Progress has been slow the past couple of months, for many reasons. In a nutshell, adult life is hard yo'. I spend most of the week sat at a desk slowly melting into oblivion, and every day I have free I spend with my lady. Doesn't leave much time to work on the game! Evenings after work are spent either nursing my six year Fallout addiction, mingling with my fantastically nerdy housemates or trying not to think about the next day of work. Fuck! Less of that. Onto the game. Tonight I blasted through the art for the demo level, "District". It's not the first level, but it's the first feature complete level, hence why I chose it to be the first I made.  It's a standard assassination mission. In "District", you have to eliminate one target and exit, before you're overwhelmed. Here's the base level art (minus objects, such as furniture, debris and items); And some in-game screenies. I've managed to restore the line-of

First post of the new year

I've been working mostly on paper at the moment, both planning out features, and the theme for the game overall. It's been slow, and life's been pretty interesting, but here's something I've been working on.  It's the first two rooms of "District", the demo level / prototype level for the game. It's not final, and I'm reworking them tomorrow, but I thought I'd make an update since I've really forgotten to keep up to date on this. Later sluts!