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Narrative Segments

I've been working alternate days on the game, one day on other work (3D art, portfollio stuff) and the other on Downfall Inc. It's been tough going, stopping and starting isn't great but I have no choice. I've been cooking up the framework for some narrative elements, so little dialogue scenes and whatnot. I'm happy with how it's coming along. The above is a screenshot from the opening scene for the first mission, with Geist giving a little monologue about how she's been pulled from her bed to go on some mundane mission that's clearly beyond the OSA. It's the equivalent of calling the SAS to break up a gas station stand-off. Of course, there's more to it than that, but you have to find that out as you go ;) Working furiously on getting the first act done so I can demo it, need some sleep for now though. Goodnight and have a great weekend :-) - Rob

July update!

So, first of all. Instead of just appearing at the front door, you ride in the back of this armoured car. It drives you up to the door and you jump out the back. Just a little visual flair to start a mission off. Secondly, you select your gear once you've pulled up to the mission rather than before, again just more for flow than anything. This screen is highly WIP, redesigning it currently. Finally, an idea I've been toying around with is having different characters for different levels. So, for assault flavoured missions you're a two man team that can choose between hard-hitting weapons. For covert missions, like hostage rescue, you play as a solo agent with silenced weapons. Oh! I almost forgot, I've got it setup now so you can zoom in and out the game view. In case you find you're squinting, or you want more of an overview. - Rob

Dialogue / Cutscene

Today I built a rudimentary system for scripting dialogue scenes, to throw a bit of narrative into missions. It's fairly airtight right now so I'm proud of what I've managed to achieve over a few hours of work. It's not really a big post/update as it's fairly self explanatory, it's just a basic system with character portraits and text strings, but I'm happy. Also, I've reworked the menu/frontend system to make it MASSIVELY neater, faster and visually nicer. It's mostly backend stuff but it's so much easier to work with for me, but it means I'll be able to make fancier things easier which'll obviously carry over into the game. - Rob