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Progress towards the demo level (August Update)

I haven't posted on here in two months, which isn't great by any standard. Work has been slow, life gets in the way, you know the excuse. I have been tinkering and fiddling, and I'm close to a rough cut-out of a demo level. It's a 3-level mission that tasks the player with kidnapping a political target. The first screen is just an intro segment, and outdoor map that sets the tone and atmosphere. The second screen is the first combat level, and here the player's mission is to kill enemies and plant evidence. Once that's done, they need to head upstairs. Fighting through enemies, they reach the HVT (high value target) and kidnap him. They need to fight back through to the outdoor segment to complete the mission. I was (and still am, to a degree) undecided about the use of colour in the current theme. I'm not sure if I've talked about this already on the blog, but I decided on a Noir-esq theme for the game, as I felt the flashes of colour were sim