Pause Screen

So, I got thinking.

How do I pause the game? It sounds simple, but it's not. See, if I freeze everything, I freeze the script that handles the pause function too. Which leaves you frozen in place with no way out. To freeze every individual object would be headache inducing, since each can exist and cease to exist during the course of the mission in no direct pattern or order. 

I found an unusual solution.

When you hit pause, the game takes a screenshot of the view, and then sends you to a different level. The background of this level is set to the screenshot, and the pause logic is handled here. When you resume, it goes back to the level you were just on. 

This, oddly, works a treat.

Everything pauses as it should, shell casings freeze mid air, rounds wait patiently an inch from their victim's noggin. Corpses are still corpses. Pickups remain.

I know it's a pretty unorthodox solution, but I'm kinda proud of it. This whole game is made out of matchsticks and PVA glue, and I love it. 

On a side note, I've been playing Mad Max. One word - incredible! They did a really good job not falling into a trap with it, if they've played it too close to Fallout some of the younglings may have missed the obvious lineage. I'm a big fan of the focus on brawling, and vehicle combat. Firearms are almost non-existent. Tribe-like culture is prominent. It's bliss. I love the War Boys, they're fascinating. 

Right, I'm off. Need to corpse some wasters, feed their innards to the sand. Once quick glance through the long-lookers before I go.


I really like Mad Max.

Later ladies and gents!

- Rob


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