First August Update!

Wow, has it really been a week since I updated? Where did the week go!?

Well, a lot of planning / tweaking has been going on, but obviously they're too small to report on. Here are a few things to mention, though;

Thrown weapons will not bounce off walls; they used to use the same logic as grenades but I've corrected that now. They'll lose a lot of force when they impact, meaning they'll just drop down.

Enemy A.I reacts to sound; gunshots will draw them over to investigate. The silenced pistol has the smallest range, and the shotgun currently has the largest report. So, firing a shotgun off will call most of the map, whereas a handgun will only bring in the next room or so.

It's not realistic, I know, but the idea is that the tradeoff of heavier firearms is that you lose all hope for a stealthier approach. There are silenced weapons; silenced pistols, SMG's and Rifles will be available. These will have reduced damage however, and will be rarer.

Here's a random screenshot!

Still working on Patrolling, Melee Enemies and Civilian AI. More to come soon! 

- Rob


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