Locked Doors

Locked doors will block off quieter or more straight forward routes, and there are multiple ways to get around/through them.

1) Shotgun; currently hit detection is a bit funky, and there's no visual effect yet for a shattering door.

2) Brute Force; a few strong kicks will eventually break the lock (and the door) free.

3) Lockpick tool; silent, reusable, non-destructive. Needs sound effect currently.

Civilians are in, with art, they wander around and flee at the first sign of danger. Enemies surrender properly with art and fleeing.

Need to do "undercover" enemy art for those that blend in with civilians, atm that segment of code is unused.

Wrapping up remaining extra gameplay elements now, should be on to missions soon but other projects are priority ATM.

- Rob


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