Basic UI Elements

I am simultaneously an artist, a programmer and a designer when it comes to Downfall, Inc, so I often switch roles on the fly. Today, instead of tweaking the A.I, I wanted to do some design/art. So I worked on some basic GUI Elements. Downfall, Inc - while tactical and methodical, is still an action game. The UI had to accommodate this.

Using the above cropped screenshot as an example, you can see how this works. Instantly, from the colour of the bar, you can tell you've taken damage. A simple description lets you know how severe the damage is. Take minor damage, and the bar will be yellow and read "Injured". Take major damage, and it'll go deep red and read "Critical". Hopefully, it's super easy to read from a glance.

A line drawing of the current weapon lets you know what you're wielding, and the lines beneath display current rounds. You'll be able to see the heavily depleted bar from a glance, letting you know you'll need to reload soon.

I'm hoping these aid the player, as I believe they are easier to read at a glance.

- Rob


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