Welcome to Downfall, Inc.

What is Downfall, Inc?

Downfall, Inc is a tactical, top-down arcade action game heavily inspired by Syndicate, Hitman and Rainbow Six. Players assume the role of a mysterious operative, hired to cause property and personnel damage at a number of high-value locations around the city.

Downfall, Inc focuses on intense close quarter fights. Once you make your move, the enemy will dive for cover, and call for reinforcements. Use stun grenades to prepare rooms for rapid entry, or blow through the wall using a shaped charge to surprise the enemy and get the drop on them. Kick weakened enemies through doors, then throw your knife at the next target.

Essentially, imagine Hotline Miami meets Rainbow Six meets Hitman. You'll be given a target to assassinate or property to ruin, and it's up to you to meet your objective before reinforcements overwhelm you. Before you draw your weapon you'll be able to walk around the environment undetected, within reason of course. So the focus is on planning and tactical execution.

It's all early days, of course, but the groundwork is already there.

What is this diary?

I figured it'd be interesting to document the development of Downfall, Inc. from start to finish, so I can look back and see the progression. I'm an amateur coder at best, so I'm learning a lot as I go along. Additionally, I'm hoping that keeping a developer diary will keep me focused on the project.

Downfall, Inc. is still in early, early alpha, but it exists in a functional state. Equipment, weapons and basic A.I are all in the game. I'm working on specialised equipment, like the breaching charge, at the moment. I'll be documenting everything from now on, including changes to the basic functioning.

Here's to the first of many.

- Rob


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